Iconic Caribbean Town House

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Vieques, 00765, Puerto Rico
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BBOYZ - Iconic Caribbean Architecture 4 Bedrooms 1 Bathroom

The Iconic Caribbean Town House exuding West Indies charm is a  wonderful  home or business or a combination of the two.  Located in downtown Isabel Segunda it is currently being used as a place of business for a dive shop.  With four bedrooms this house could easily serve the dual purpose of a home and small business.   The structure is ideal for commercial space and a studio apartment with quaint and  tropical back yard that is completely fenced.

Sitting just off the Main Plaza in Isabel Segunda and in the center of town the possibilities for what you can do with the property are unlimited.  The house is charm personified with a central hallway/living room and four symmetrical bedrooms opening into the center living space.  Two bedrooms flank each side of the main hallway and are accessed through sets of very charming, painted, double wood doors and with high ceilings.   These five principal rooms are currently housing the retail space. This iconic building would easily translate to your own business idea or private Town home.

Iconic Caribbean Cottage is ready for you to move in and let your creativity flow!   The layout would be perfect for a cafe, restaurant, art gallery or whatever your dream may be. Please note the dive equipment and the merchandise seen in the photos are not part of the sale.  Only the real estate is for sale including the house and land.

For your exclusive showing or for more information contact us at Bravos Boyz Real Estate and Property Management.

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