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Landscape & Architectural Design

The Bravos Boyz have been involved in designing landscape and architecture on Vieques Island, Puerto Rico since 2000.

Whether for the properties we own or for the clients we represent, we have been involved in numerous projects requiring complete makeovers for both interior and exterior architectural changes, landscape and garden design and development, as well as pools, fountains, planters, walkways, and other garden hardscape installations.

Landscape Design

We have designed gardens for our own use and enjoyment and for clients with both residential and commercial properties. The most successful gardens have been those developed over time with continued and regular maintenance.  New gardens require significant dedication and are ever changing. At Bravos Boyz we can design, do the installations, and provide the monthly maintenance.

Commercial projects have included re-design of existing landscape as well as conceptual plans for future projects. Residential projects designed by Bravos Boyz can be seen throughout Vieques with a particular focus in the Garden District of Bravos de Boston. We have included for your enjoyment some before and after photos of some of our favorite projects.


Architectural Design

Soon after our arrival on Vieques we immediately took interest in the island construction practices with particular focus on ways to design effectively for the Caribbean environment. Performing the maintenance on a number of properties gave us insight as to what types of products worked well and those that fell short. There are no perfect answers but our constant research and continued questioning, combined with our eye for design, has helped us create what we believe to be some of the most unique, beautiful, and functional environments on the island.

We began by designing for ourselves but quickly had clients approaching us to work for them on their projects. Our designs involve the heavy use of concrete as the material of choice as it is the most appropriate for this environment. It is not only well suited functionally, but is also a very beautiful and modern product. Our designs continue to change as the types of projects continue to evolve. We have renovated houses, completed additions and even transformed a prior church. We have included a presentation of before and after photos for you to enjoy. 

If you have that special property which needs some improvement and would like some help designing, please consider our services. Just give us a call or email our office to set a time to discuss some ideas for your Vieques dream house. Contact the Front Desk.