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Finding the right Broker or Sales Person to assist you in purchasing a property can significantly reduce the “risk” factor. Real Estate transactions in Puerto Rico present a unique set of challenges.

A knowledgeable Broker or Salesperson with experience in the local property market and versed in Puerto Rico laws and ordinances is a necessity.

Bravos Boyz – Real Estate and Property Management’s personnel are available to work with you in making the real estate experience a positive and profitable one. When buying or selling real estate, you may have several choices as to how you want a real estate professional to work with you. Bravos Boyz – Real Estate and Property Management can represent you in all types of real estate transactions. We look forward to hearing from you and hope you will choose us for all of your real estate needs on Vieques Island.


Seller’s Agent – If you are selling real estate, you may want to “list” your property for sale with a real estate firm. If so, you will sign a “listing agreement” authorizing the firm and its representatives to represent you in your dealings with buyers as your seller’s agent. You may also be asked to allow agents from other firms to help find a buyer for your property.

Be sure to read and understand the listing agreement before you sign it.

Duties to Seller: The listing firm and its representative must:

  • Promote your best interests
  • Be loyal to you
  • Follow your lawful instructions
  • Provide you with all material facts that could influence your decisions
  • Use reasonable skill, care and diligence and
  • Account for all monies they handle for you

Once you have signed the listing agreement, the firm and its representatives may not give any confidential information about you to prospective buyers or their representatives without your permission.

Services and Compensation: To help you sell your property, the listing firm and its representatives will offer to perform a number of services for you. These may include:

  • Helping you price your property
  • Advertising and marketing your property
  • Giving you all required property disclosure forms for you to complete
  • Negotiating for you the best possible price and terms
  • Reviewing all offers with you and
  • Otherwise promoting your interests

Please contact us if you have a property you would like us to list or if we may assist you with any of your island real estate needs.