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Vieques Island Construction Management

The Bravos Boyz have been involved in development and construction management on Vieques Island, Puerto Rico since the year 2000.

Whether for the properties we own or for the clients we represent, we have been involved in numerous projects including full interior and exterior renovations, kitchen remodels, pool and patio additions, and even a conversion of a former church to our current office and guest facilities.


We have developed several properties for our own use and enjoyment in addition to a number of projects for some of our key clients. The development process in Vieques can be very challenging, because like most things on the island, nothing happens quickly or easily. Our years of experience have taught us the ins and outs of how to get things done.

We are familiar with the permitting process and can help our clients get the proper approvals so the projects can progress in a timely manner. We have also been involved in numerous property title acquisitions and have aided many of our clients with that process as well. At Bravos Boyz we can help you with your development needs and act as your on-island representative to push the process through. We have been very successful in the projects we have undertaken and have included some photos of our favorite projects. 

Construction Management

Soon after our arrival on Vieques we immediately started researching the island contractors and the local construction practices. Kevin Cunha has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Construction Management and was formerly the Vice President of a Heavy Highway Construction Company specializing in bridge construction, concrete runways, concrete interstates, and other roadway and structural projects. Kevin quickly realized that the local practices were drastically different than the world in which he was use to working and at first struggled to adapt.

After the completion of a few small projects on properties which we owned we began to feel more comfortable with the local practices and customs. We learned that there are many skilled craftsmen on the island and just like anywhere else they just require proper management and direction. When we remodeled the church property into our offices and guesthouse and also the total reconstruction of our main house, the Overlook, we directed our crews on a daily basis over the course of several years. We have also completed projects for clients with our own crews and by acting as the construction manager overseeing and coordinating with several of the local reputable contractors. We have included a presentation of before and after photos of some of our projects for your information.

If you have that special Vieques property which needs professional development or construction management please consider employing our services. Just give us a call or email our office for further information. Contact the Front Desk.