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July 7, 2015
Vieques Island, PR
Bravos Boyz Real Estate introduces new mobile vacation app

Luxury Rental Management Company partners with Glad to Have You™ to deliver state of the art, mobile
vacation rental app for its guests

Bravos Boyz Real Estate, an area leader in vacation rental management, partnered with Glad to Have
You™ to deliver a state of the art mobile app, free of charge, to their guests and island visitors. This new
mobile app provides guests with all of the information they need at the touch of a button.

Bravos Boyz Real Estate’s mobile app provides guests with vacation rental access instructions, maps,
custom rental content (such as Wi-Fi passwords, how to operate the DISH, the best time of day to get
that perfect sun by the pool, etc.), and a comprehensive list of Vieques restaurants, activities, events,
and other local recommendations. Modern travelers demand and deserve instantly accessible
information and a great guest experience. Bravos Boyz Real Estate is delivering that experience and
differentiating themselves as a guest centric vacation rental company.

The Glad to Have You™ Guest Management System™ allows Bravos Boyz Real Estate to deliver guest
specific information via mobile devices and guest web portals. Guests receive only the information they
need to enjoy their particular vacation rental. The Guest Management System™ can also track
information about each guest, their likes and dislikes, and much more. With specific guest insight that is
easily manageable, Bravos Boyz Real Estate can provide a first-class experience unique to each guest,
and unrivaled by any rental company in the area.

“We at Bravos Boyz believe that by creating the Vieques Guide and providing it via a mobile app to
the visitors of our beautiful island, we are providing an invaluable tool to help insure the best travel
experience possible.”

“We are thrilled to be partnering with a company like Bravos Boyz Real Estate,” says Chip Hofa, Director
of Implementation at Glad to Have You™. “They clearly understand and embrace the importance of the
overall guest experience, and we are excited to offer a mobile platform that will help Bravos Boyz Real
Estate provide a world class experience for their guests.”

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