Vieques, Puerto Rico Real Estate News

Field notes from the Puerto Rico real estate experts.

“It was perfect from start to finish!”

It was perfect from start to finish!

Except for the rag tag rooster next door that I am determined to make a capon on my next visit!!! Beth & Peter have created a shangrila for those of us who enjoy a beautifully appointed home from which to enjoy this special island.

We had everything we needed to be comfortable, at ease and feel “at home.”

Rachel, from Bravos Boyz, was incredibly accommodating to our schedule for check in/out as we aren’t your normally timed guests. Beth’s recommendations for the island were spot on. One of my favorites is the not-so-bilingual conversation daily at the fish pier … we somehow managed to convey the spirit of coastal Maine to the darling fishmonger who provided us with gorgeous conch, grouper and yellow tail.
Al’s Azul bar quickly became home base in the afternoons after amazing daily discoveries of a new beach – each different and special in so many ways.

Guest: Barry L.
Hometown: Brooklyn

Value - 5.0
Experience - 5.0
Property - 5.0
Overall - 5.0